Take a trip to Montana with Elite Travel Concierge, and get ready for glacial lakes, craggy mountains and pine forests carpeting immense national parks, dinosaur museums, skiing, historic sites such as the Little Bighorn Battlefield and an ‘old west’ mining heritage that’s always proudly on display. This all makes for a fascinating USA adventure that has a little bit of everything – big scenery, heritage and history combined, plus a host of boutique lodge and luxury ranch accommodation gems to also look forward to.

Beginning with some of Montana’s best and most Iconic natural wonders, they don’t come much more impressive than the state’s portion of Yellowstone National Park, a much-loved haven of waterfalls, forests and volcanic hot spring that never fails to blow you away. Yellowstone also has a clutch of fantastic lodges to enjoy it all from, though the Glacier National Park and Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest are just as spectacular, also coming with a charming confection of real-life ranches and lovely traditional guesthouses to stay in. Lake McDonald; the Logan Pass; Grinnell Glacier; Avalanche, Saint Mary and Flathead Lakes plus huge protected woods that often cover 2million acres or more such as Flathead or the Gallatin National Forest, are just some of the many attractions of Mother Earth to be glimpsed when here.

The jaw-dropping landscapes of Montana are certainly one thing, and whilst these dramatic plains, rivers and sweeping gorges provide a wealth of wildlife encounters such as Grizzly Bears and abundant bird species, they are just as well known for their outdoor activities too. As such horse riding, kayaking atop the lake or full on white-water rafting, mountain bike trails, zip-lining, skiing at the Big Sky and Whitefish Mountain Resorts, al fresco yoga or a hike in search of the best scenic lookouts are timeless, popular pastimes in Montana.

In truth touring Montana on any five-star break can also be as blissfully relaxed as you see fit, it’s perfect if nothing more than driving between viewpoints, and seeing the main highlights appeals – more so than any action-packed activities, that is. And then there’s Montana’s cultural heritage, with rich attractions such as the 19th century Conrad Mansion Museum; botanical gardens of Tizer and DanWalt; the Yellowstone Historic Centre, Museum of the Rockies – that houses the largest collection of dinosaur bones in the USA – and World Museum of Mining all offering insight into this fascinating region. In fact mining for precious metals, including gold, was a major draw to the area in the 18th and 19th centuries, so when visiting former mine towns or abandoned pits and outposts during your Montana tour, you’ll a real glimpse of wild west history too.

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