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North America: a vast land of dramatic scenery on an epic scale, lush mountain valleys and arid deserts, cosmopolitan and iconic cities, wildlife, history and a combined population of nearly 360 million people. To visit North America, the USA and Canada, is to visit a region of extremes, though also natural phenomena and plenty of famous sites along the way. Imagine cruising down Route 66 in an open-top Mustang towards the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas, swinging by the legendary San Francisco Streets, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. You may want to hit the glitzy highlights of Hollywood and LA, take in the fantasy-like otherworldly scenery of Yellowstone National Park or even spot bears in the snow-dusted forests of Alaska. New York, the Big Apple, speaks for itself; a long-time haunt of the great and the good, countless movies, home to A-listers and the stage for countless world-famous events.

That’s all before even mentioning multicultural towns like Chicago or Boston; the music of New Orleans; Disneyworld; Miami Beach; pristine wilderness in the Everglades; Texas and its ranch culture; skiing in Colorado, surf and sun in Malibu or Hawaii and much, much more. During your luxury trip to North America, you can expect slick service from the hotel staff, unforgettable views and endless daytrips, from museums to historic sites, maybe enjoying an American football game, live concert or Broadway musical. You can fly between states, drive between towns, or sail the coast and appreciate the ever-changing landscape as you go, getting the star treatment in luxury American resorts all the while.

Then there’s Canada, with its show-stopping scenery and laidback approach to life; one of the most authentically hospitable countries you will ever visit. Here, their own big cities of Toronto and Vancouver combine good nightlife, restaurants and bars with wonderful outdoor spaces and surrounding countryside. Within moments you can go from busy shopping streets to wildlife-rich pine forest trails, mountains and rivers, and it is an absolute joy. Across the country there’s also some of the best skiing in the world in all-too-idyllic surrounds such as Whistler, Banff, Mont-Tremblant and Lake Louise, where as much time can be spent on the slopes as simply admiring the region’s infinite beauty. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Canada is permanently covered in snow however, as the natural wonders of Niagara Falls, Algonquin and Jasper National Parks are unmissable highlights of Canada year-round. This is, after all, not just a country of glaciers and towering peaks, it’s also one of glassy lakes and dramatic coastline too, as well as unmistakeable French influence in both the culture and architecture of Quebec, a fascinating cultural fusion and well worth a visit.

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