The Bahamas

The Bahamas, one of the best-known and much-loved luxury destinations in the Caribbean, maybe the world. It offers the quintessential sea, sand, spa and surf experience for families and couples alike, though with over 700 separate islands and nearly 2,500 cays there is an undiscovered world that stretches far beyond the Bahamas’ famous boutique, high-end hotels.

The Bahamas is a real highlight of the Caribbean, having long been the go-to desert island retreat of the rich and famous, thanks to its close proximity to the Miami coastline. There is quite simply no denying the place in people’s hearts that the Bahamas prides itself on, though at Elite Travel Concierge we know these islands intimately so fully understand the appeal. The beauty of a holiday in the Bahamas is the unexpected variety you can experience all within the same trip, where one day you could be exploring the underwater world of Thunderball Grotto in the Exuma Islands, while the next, it’s all designer shopping outlets and swanky bars.

Then, with such crystalline seas, hundreds of deserted islands, coral reefs and rich marine life throughout the archipelago, it is not surprising that boat trips, snorkelling and scuba diving quite rightly feature as a main attraction in the Bahamas. You can spend the day swimming in underwater caves and sink holes, snorkelling colourful reefs with the kids on the lookout for rays and tropical fish, or boarding a vessel and sailing between these picturesque shores; themselves having once been a favoured pirate hangout over the centuries.

In addition to this, the Bahamas also boasts many restaurants, chic wine bars and boutiques, as well as its fair share of luxury resorts and boutique hotels, some of which are family-friendly and make for a fun break drenched in sun, while others are more secluded, intimate and romantic. So, if looking to unwind with boundless facilities on your doorstep, warm waters to paddle in, and a few hidden treasures to unearth, the Bahamas serves as a fantastic introduction to everything a Caribbean holiday has to offer.

The Bahamas Hotels

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