A land of bright colours, fiery food, crumbling ruins and unspoilt beaches; a luxury holiday to Mexico reveals the many treasures of this intoxicating country. There are beautiful colonial towns, indigenous communities, jungles in the south and deserts in the north, access to two oceans and even wildlife-watching opportunities. This is to name just a few of the many reasons, why Mexico is such an intriguing luxury holiday destination in the Americas.

Straddling both North and Central America, Mexico is huge – ranked as the 14th largest country in the world, in fact – and this vast landmass blesses the nation with a huge variety of landscapes. In the north, deserts rule supreme, but as you venture south towards the border of Guatemala, lowland jungles mixed with fragrant pine forests take over, hosting fascinating wildlife like howler monkeys and elusive jaguars. Waterfalls, lakes, mountains, caves and canyons – all across the country are mighty natural wonders that shape such an evocative land.

Since it is sandwiched between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Mexico flaunts spectacular coastline on both sides, with particular hotspots being Oaxaca, Sayulita and the Baja Peninsula on the west, and the Riviera Maya to the east. The latter is where glass-clear Caribbean waters lap ivory-white sands, a picture-perfect paradise with the odd Mayan ruin here or there to add intrigue and a sense of mystique. Some of the best beach holidays in Mexico take place here on the country’s southernmost tip, across Tulum, Playa del Carmen and best-kept secrets hidden in-between, with excursions to naturally formed caves (cenotes) and archaeological sites like Chichen Itza all possible within a day trip from your luxury hotel in the Riviera Maya.

On the Pacific side, the scenery takes on a wilder edge, particularly on the Baja California Peninsula. This slither of land stretches down from the American border for 775 miles into the Pacific, separated from the mainland by the Gulf of California and with a sleepy, unhurried charm. There’s 7,000-year-old history, rugged beaches, and biosphere reserves sheltering everything from sea lions to manta rays; not to mention the migratory whales for which Baja is most famous. Los Cabos on the very southern tip is the best place to base yourself on the peninsula, particularly since the incredible Rosewood Las Ventanas and One&Only Palmilla hotels are situated here. These resorts are almost destinations in themselves, going above and beyond to impress even the most critical of visitors.

Mexico is in parts a troubled country, but don’t let that put you off as this is confined to certain places (it’s huge, after all). It remains a beautiful, biodiverse, culturally rich nation that is filled with extraordinary sights and stunning beaches, warm hospitality and vibrant festivals, a bucket list luxury holiday destination like nowhere else on earth.

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