Few islands conjure up the kind of evocative and enticing images that Barbados does: cobalt waves lapping over rocks and into chalk-white sands, swaying palm trees, exquisite  hotels and a distinctly British undercurrent to it all. There is, however, even more to this popular Caribbean favourite than at first meets the eye; a place that has attracted well-heeled travellers and celebrities alike, for many years. It can be either family-friendly or entirely romantic, whether you are on honeymoon in Barbados or taking the kids away for school holidays. The rich cultural heritage and history on the island is there for everyone to appreciate, as it permeates through the food, a love of sport, rum and music.

Here at Elite Travel Concierge, we know that a luxury trip to Barbados must, quite rightly, focus on the quality of your hotel, its onsite facilities, access to a world-class spa and of course, that unforgettable ocean view. Luckily, this Caribbean Island is home to some exceptional luxury resorts, flaunting reputations known the world over due to their unrivalled hospitality standards and simply stunning designs. This may well mean you find it hard to leave your hotel at all, however, when you do look to discover Barbados during your trip, there is plenty to be found. Watersports and coastal boat trips are popular here, with marine life and coral reefs best admired while scuba diving, snorkelling or sea kayaking, and maybe a catamaran tour for those who prefer a slower pace of life.

There’s so much natural beauty here, whether you are swimming with sea turtles just off shore, exploring the underworld streams, caverns and cliffs of Harrison's Cave or simply wandering along another pristine Caribbean beach, sand between your toes as you look to find your own private spot and admire the sea views. Back on dry land though, you’ll find bustling streets and an intriguing history around the harbourfront of 17th century Bridgetown (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the famous Kensington Oval cricket ground, and various plantations dotted across the island which showcase an important side to the British presence in the region.

What’s more, for foodies, Barbados is awash with fantastic local and fine dining restaurants, rum tasting, fish markets and food stalls, not to mention a pulsating nightlife and passion for live music to round off each day spent in the sun. Then, if cultural heritage and island exploration sounds like unnecessary hard work, both the east and west coasts of Barbados have some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, so you can do as much, or as little as you like.

This is an Island we know and love.

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