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Say the word ‘Caribbean’ and all sorts of wonderful images spring to mind: turquoise sea, rum punch, colourful beach shacks and coconut palms. To tell the truth, these clichés are all true, and are woven seamlessly together with the soundtrack of chilled-out reggae tunes and the infectious smiles of warm, friendly locals.

The Caribbean is an expanse of iridescent blue sea that sprawls all the way from the northern coastline of South America up to Florida in the USA, encompassing 26 countries and thousands of islands. Each of them thrives with unique culture, highlights and blissful beaches, meaning that every single luxury Caribbean holiday will be different from the next. One thing that’s consistent and certain is the plethora of fabulous luxury hotels here, so whether looking for a romantic honeymoon, family escape or special trip for two, the Caribbean is always a good idea.

If you’ve narrowed your dream holiday down to the Caribbean, the first step is complete. The second is deciding which, or how many, of the islands you might want to visit. This can depend on the time of year you plan to go away, the sort of activities you want to enjoy, any cultural interest or simply the hotel itself. That being, as there are such incredible Caribbean resorts on every island that you could simply choose where to go based on the hotel alone!

For Caribbean glitz and glamour, St. Barth’s delivers every time, while for lush inland landscapes and wildlife, Grenada is a prime choice. Barbados has been an ever-popular Caribbean destination over the years – and for good reason – while sailing enthusiasts will be in heaven on the island of Antigua. St. Lucia stands out for its postcard-worthy Piton Mountains, two jagged green peaks that soar majestically from the sea itself; and then there’s underwater caves to discover in the Bahamas, and a fun family favourite on the Dominican Republic where the 27 waterfalls of Rio Damajagua create natural waterslides, among other highlights. For off-the-radar beach holidays, Canouan Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an ultra-exclusive hideaway of just five square miles where, the saying goes, ‘billionaires come to escape millionaires’. Celebrities step out of the limelight in places like laidback Anguilla as well as Turks and Caicos, home to a private island resort where spa and wellness takes centre stage.

This is just a taste of what a luxury holiday to the Caribbean could look like. Every hotel hand-picked by Elite Travel Concierge has its own special perks and reasons to stay, from world-class service and hospitality to specific activities and spa treatments, and much more besides. Enquire today and we’ll arrange the perfectly tailored Caribbean trip just for you.

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