Luxury holidays or honeymoons in Indonesia promise cultural experiences, paradise-like beaches, exotic landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine, not to mention wellness escapes and thrilling watersports. Indonesia really does pack in a tantalising mix of intriguing sights, sounds and flavours, all compounded with remarkable spirituality, the friendliest locals and some seriously fabulous hotels.

Strewn across the South China Sea in a tropical corner of South-east Asia, Indonesia is made up of 17,500 islands that extend from Sumatra in the north-west down to Irian Jaya in the south-east. There’s a wonderful range of religions and ethnicities across these 3,000 miles, enshrined in a vast array of awe-inspiring temples that leave every onlooker utterly transfixed. While there are many examples of these, the most impressive of all is Borobudur in Java – this is the world’s biggest Buddhist temple, dating back to the 9th century, and is an absolute marvel to behold.

Also punctuating Indonesian landscapes are imposing volcanoes, delicate rice paddies and sprawling rainforests, some of which are home to the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia Arnoldii. Then there are the beaches: stunning stretches of sun-kissed sand segueing into impossibly clear seas, beneath which colourful coral beds and marine life abounds. You can snorkel and dive these beautiful waters, explore hidden coves on yacht tours, or even grab a surf board to conquer the waves – Bali, in particular, is a fantastic place for surfing.

In fact, a luxury holiday in Bali provides a wide variety of active pursuits for visitors, from surfing and diving to yoga and cycling, as well as cultural activities like temple visits, handicraft classes and artist workshops. Against a backdrop of lush pastures, mountains and forests, it’s no wonder that there’s many a luxury wellness retreat in Bali, as this beautiful island is perfectly placed for revitalising, rejuvenating and reconnecting with nature.

So whether you’re seeking pampering and relaxation, outdoor activities or cultural intrigue, a luxury holiday in Indonesia boasts all of this, and more. Contact Elite Travel Concierge and we’ll arrange a bespoke Indonesia trip for you today.

Myra Jones Travel Manager.
Myra Jones
Indonesia Travel Manager.
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