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Discover the Amalfi Coast: Hotel Santa Catarina

Lorraine Earl
Travel Manager

The Amalfi coast is a must-see destination. From the stunning coastal scenery and beautiful classical architecture to the temperate climate and infectious attitude and lifestyle of the natives, there are thousands of reasons to visit this idyllic part of the world. You would struggle greatly to find a hotel that encapsulates the unique spirit of the Amalfi Coast more than Hotel Santa Catarina.

This traditional family-run hotel is hewn out of the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and provides incomparable views over the cerulean ocean. The impressive position of the hotel was complemented magnificently by the glorious weather that we were treated to during our stay. With cool evenings and sun soaked blue skies all day, May felt like the perfect time to be on the Amalfi Coast. The stone exterior of the hotel shimmered in the shining sun and made for the perfect first impression. Something that was accompanied by a friendly welcome from the staff the moment that we set foot into the stunning lobby. Decorated with ornate marble pillars that were illuminated by natural light that spilled in through vast windows, the lobby set a relaxed tone that continued throughout the entirety of Hotel Santa Catarina.

Hotel Santa Catarina

The first of many wonderful surprises that this tremendous hotel afforded us during our stay was a complimentary room upgrade that saw us placed in a spacious Deluxe Room. The room followed the serene atmosphere of the rest of the hotel and made itself the perfect place for unwinding in elegant luxury. The classically Italian design employed pastel colours and muted tones alongside locally sourced hand painted tiles to cultivate a relaxing ambiance and a chic aesthetic that accentuated the stunning sights out of the window splendidly. Balconies and grandiose windows offered breathtaking views of the coastline, cliffs and neighbouring towns – we could even see all the way to Ravello and watch the boats bob to and from Positano and Capri.

Miraculous views continued throughout the hotel, with a tranquil outdoor pool overlooking the breaking waves and two restaurants that are situated under beautiful canopies and serve up traditional Italian fare as well as unobstructed views the ocean. The breakfast at Hotel Santa Catarina provides a real wow factor with a superb selection of local breads, cheeses and cakes and excellent fresh fruit juices as well as an substantial range of classic Italian coffees. The hotel also has a fantastic beach club with direct access to the sea that is an ideal place to relax and have a nightcap as the stunning sunset plays out in front of you.

Being located so perfectly upon the coastline means that Hotel Santa Catarina gives you easy access to some of the gems of the Amalfi Coast. We took the 15-minute stroll down to Ravello to enjoy the shopping and enjoy a boat trip. We also took the opportunity to indulge our taste buds and sampled some exquisite pizza as well as eating some of the freshest sea food that I’ve ever tasted. The traffic on the roads was as chaotic as expected and first-time visitors will have to get used to the Italian hallmark of backlogged roads and speeding motorbikes. To avoid this entirely you can always splash out on a private speedboat trip to Capri and get a taste of the exclusive lifestyle that brings so many celebrities to the Amalfi Coast for a holiday.

If I’d had the opportunity I would’ve loved to have stayed for longer, so I recommend this hotel to anyone without a second of hesitation. It’s the perfect place for a romantic getaway or for a group of friends looking to unwind, but families with children may not be quite as comfortable at Hotel Santa Catarina as there is not much to keep youngsters entertained and the quiet ambience may not be a great fit for boisterous kids. The spectacular clifftop setting and immaculate service from staff who are clearly proud to be working in such an incredible venue all contribute to Hotel Santa Catarina being a must-visit hotel on the Amalfi Coast.

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Date posted: 31/08/22

Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa

Sally Woolley
Travel Manager

Nothing quite beats the magic of a beautifully boutique, perfectly placed and oh-so serene Maldives escape. What’s more, when Four Seasons (the masters of attention to detail) are acting as the irresistibly hospitable hosts, it soon became as good as guaranteed that my exclusive Indian Ocean adventure would include all of that, and plenty else besides.